NovArch Systems

Innovative solutions and designs for lighting, sound, smart homes, sustainable energy and more.

NovArch Interior Lighting Design
Lighting Design

Illuminate spaces with captivating and innovative lighting designs.

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novarch smart house design solutions
Smart House Design

Smart and Innovative designs for modern homes and commercial spaces.

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novarch sound design audio engineering for stage
Sound Design

Expert Sound Design Solutions for Retail and Home Systems

Enhance your Audio Experience
novarch smart MEP design
Smart MEP

Innovative MEP design solutions for smarter buildings.

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novarch solar panel system design
Solar Power System Design

Innovative solar panel design solutions for renewable energy enthusiasts.

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novarch energy efficiency design
Energy Efficiency Design

Efficient design services to conserve energy and reduce costs.

Transform Space, Save Energy
novarch hvac systems design
Heating & Cooling

Expert HVAC design services for optimal comfort and efficiency.

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novarch acoustic design solutions
Acoustic Design

Expert soundproofing and audio treatment solutions.

Enhance Acoustic Environment
novarch ambient scent design
Ambient Scent Design

Unleash the power of ambient scents for immersive experiences.

Elevate the Sensory Experience
novarch vacuum system design
Vacuum System Design

Custom interior vacuum system designs for optimal cleanliness.

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novarch air flow design ventilation
Air Flow Design

Expert solutions for optimized air flow in various environments.

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NovArch Classical Feng Shui Interior Design
Feng Shui
Inner Balance Design

Enhance harmony and balance of your space through Feng Shui design.

Harmonize your Space
novarch building aerodynamics
Building Aerodynamics

Enhancing building performance through aerodynamic design solutions.

Optimize Building's Efficiency
seismic engineering novarch
Seismic Engineering

Innovative seismic design solutions for resilient structures.

Ensure Safety
novarch lightning protection
Lightning Protection

Specialized lightning protection design services for ultimate safety.

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NovArch Hot Water Floor Heating System Design
Radiant Systems Design

Innovative System Design for Comfortable Radiant Floor Heating.

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cctv system design novarch
CCTV System Design

Customized CCTV System Design services to safeguard your premises.

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novarch water home saving systems
Water Saving Solutions

Innovative solutions for sustainable water conservation and filtration.

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novarch looking alternative energy souces
Renewable Energy Design

Cutting-edge solutions for alternative and sustainable energy

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novarch inclusive design people working together
Inclusive Design

Innovative design solutions, empowering diversity and accessibility.

Design spaces for everyone
novarch green roof design
Green Roofing

Expert green roof design services elevating sustainable urban environments.

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novarch waste management environment responsible green global ecology
Waste Management Systems

Custom made, efficient waste management system design.

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novarch swimming pool design
Swimming Pool Design

Customized swimming pool designs that exceed expectations.

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novarch vertical garden design
Vertical Garden Design

Elevate your surroundings with custom vertical garden installations.

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novarch landcsaping design
Landscape Design

Transform your outdoor aesthetics with premier landscape design services.

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novarch rainwater harvesting design
Rainwater Harvesting

Custom rainwater harvesting system design services for eco-friendly solutions.

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novarch projection mapping design
Projection Mapping Design

Custom animation design for projection mapping systems.

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